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Weekly Mowing

We will mow, trim, and edge your property.  We will also take care of blowing and hauling grass away if needed.


We apply a 4-step program recommended by professionals at Steve Reagan Company

  1. Early Spring: We use a mix that includes a pre-emergent to prevent weeds and a high nitrogen content that will give the grass a good jump start for the season.
  2. Late Spring: We apply a liquid broad leaf (weed) treatment that takes care of any weeds that grow.
  3. Early Summer: We use ammonium sulfate to make the grass green in the high heat and a slow release nitrogen to prevent burning and keep it green.
  4. Late Summer: We repeat step 3 because it keeps the grass green and cooler in the heat which helps it stay healthy.


Spring and Fall:
Puts plugs in the ground and is the equivalent of tilling your garden. It loosens up the ground and allows oxygen down to the roots. Aerating should be done at least once a year, although we recommend it twice a year.

Power Raking

Spring and Fall:
Power raking removes thatch. Thatch is the spongy layer between the grass and the soil. If you have more than a half inch of thatch you run the risk of lawn disease because you can suffocate the root system. We recommend having it done as needed based on the thatch depth. This normally ranges from once every three years to twice a year.


Spring and Fall:
Clean-up includes removing leaves, garbage, and debris, usually combined with tree and bush trimming, weeding, and turning flower beds.


Start up:
Includes turning on the system, setting the timer, checking for leaks and adjusting all of the heads to ensure proper coverage.

Shut off:
Includes turning off the system, opening up all of the valves to release any trapped water and winterizing the back flow preventer (if needed).

Hedge Trimming

Pruning and shaping bushes. Recommended at least twice a year.

Tree Trimming

Pruning and shaping trees. Recommended at least once a year.

Weed Spraying

The benefit of spraying weeds is that it kills the roots. When you pull weeds it is very easy to leave a portion of the root allowing the weed to come right back.


Sprinkler installation

We have over 13 year’s experience in sprinkler design. We install systems that provide great coverage with top-of-the-line water conservation products (Hunter and Rain Bird). Most of these products come with a water conservation rebate. You can get up to half your money back on the product and labor by utilizing rebates.

Sod removal

If you have damaged or unwanted grass, removal is the best option.

Sod installation

We use bio-grass which is a premium blend grass specifically made for our dry Utah climate. The benefit to sod is you get instant grass. You need to water it twice a day for about two weeks.

Hydro Seed

The benefit of hydro seeding is the cost (about $0.10/sq ft installed). We have some great blends for high traffic and deep green color, but we can use any kind of seed you prefer including seeds for animal pastures and wild flowers. Hydro seed is a mix of seed and mulch to help keep the seed wet.

Hydro seed can come in really thick and full the first year. The key is to keep it wet (watering 5-7 times per day depending on the temperature) for the first couple of weeks and gradually reducing the watering for about 8 weeks and fertilizing at 2, 4 and 6 weeks. If well taken care of, you can have a beautiful lawn in a couple of months at an amazing price.

Top soil, bark and rock

Info coming soon.

Planting Trees and Flowers

Info coming soon.

Flower Bed Landscaping

Info coming soon.